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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:56

Young Theatre Festival from Denizli

Young Theatre Festival from Denizli
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Denizli Denizli Municipality Young Theatre Club,'Wedding'and'Last Dardanelles'games received full marks from viewers.

Denizli news: Photo curtain opened its new season in September Denizli Denizli Municipality Young Theatre Club, with their performance and put their games on the scene continues to gain appreciation of theater lovers. Anton Chekhov's comedy , intrigue and fun game items from the Gift Uganda hosting the wedding with the comment staged Denizli Denizli Municipality Young Theatre Club, audience laughter drowned . Intense interest in the game program by November viewers will meet again with theater lovers. Directed by Hakan Kurt and Victory assume that describe the Dardanelles was the hero last moments full of emotion to the audience in the performance of the players in the drama. Çanakkale War with military families say goodbye to the events they experienced on the battlefield and tells the audience took the game to that year. Denizli Municipality Young Denizli Theatre Club, Wedding and Last Çanakkale games while taking full note of the audience , a theater with 6 games they staged in October had watches unforgettable lovers . Photo Young Denizli Theatre Club, will be staged at 7 different game in November. Young Denizli Theatre Club , the November program at Çatalçeşme Room Theatre, said:\"November 7 Friday 20:00 Workshop Performance November 9, Sunday 20:00 victim , November 16, Sunday 20:00 Sympathy November 21, Friday 20:00 Efkar-i Youth , November 23 Sunday cracks 20:00 hotel-1, November 28 20:00 cracks hotel-1, 30 20:00 on Sunday, November wedding. \"


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