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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 23 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:36

Young Workers on the bridge to stand on his hands were nailed to the floor

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America in the state of Virginia , the \"Bridge Day\"event images recorded in the hearts of the audience brought to the mouth .

Vırgınıa news: Activities under the New River George Bridge, hands standing on young working losing balance has gone down .
In the United States each year in October the 3rd Saturday The \"Bridge Day\"participated in the event , young people today jumping sport with're celebrating . This year, the New River George Bridge in West Virginia The event, there was an incident at the mind-boggling . Activities under the world's young people coming from different points on the bridge to Virginia stands on his hands , after satisfying balance is jumping off the bridge . One of the young people who attended the event could not succeed at the first attempt is called once more . In the second experiment , losing balance on his hands trying to stop crashes to the ground . 200 thousand spectators attended the event following the gravel in front of the eyes of the young at that moment that brings everyone's heart in his mouth . Moment by moment events recorded by amateur camera young people fall down from the bridge also appears every two seconds . In the event of the audience watched in amazement as the young fortunately manages to escape from his nose to bleed .

Young Workers on the bridge to stand on his hands were nailed to the floor" comments for.


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