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  • 24 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 13:04

Your car will also examine you now

Your car will also examine you now
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Driver seats, the new system will be placed, until the driver in the heart of all health measure sugar

CeBIT Technology Fair opens its doors today, his eyes turning technology lovers, who met with reporters before the exhibition Haydar General Manager of Ford New day, gave information about the new technologies applied to vehicles. drive cardiac measurements (electrocardiogram), and diabetes rates, which detects the 'health package' developed representing New day, it appeals to the middle and lower income groups C and B-Class vehicles to use Sticky Thread said .

Yenigün General Manager, the device electrodes by means of 6 measurements embedded in the driver's seat does said. This data evaluating technology warns the driver encounters outside the normal values. bringing a humorous picture of a steaming coffee cup screen language driver 'best cup of coffee resting-place' recommends . The device is being used in 2014 model Mondeo and S-Max models. Subclass more instruments to be fitted in the next step.

According to Zaman, the driver according to the statistics of heart disease in 23 percent of the accidents that have been identified. He comes as a result of those accidents, especially ones that are here, with emphasis on heart disease, the General Manager, but it is an important factor in heart disease and to follow it in favor of the driver, he said.

Your car will also examine you now" comments for.


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