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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:57

\"Your Future at Your Fingertips \"has reached the end of the project

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Conducted by the Municipality of Erzincan \"Your Future at Your Fingertips 2\"SODES project has reached the end .

Erzincan news:
disabled students clung to life to assist them and work where they can succeed awareness to place needy students professions in order to give the project the closing program of Mufti in the conference hall yapıldı.düzenlen closing program Erzincan Governor Kahraman and his wife Muhsine Hero, Erzincan Deputy Mayor Şükrü Beyitoğl the Deputy Governor Robert Rock , provincial protocol , public institutions and organizations, heads of political parties and civil society organization representatives and citizens attended the meeting.
Program of silence and the National Anthem after reading began.
famous actor Atilla Arcen's offer and singer Hüseyin Turan folk songs participated in the program , Erzincan Deputy Mayor Şükrü Beyitoğl , \"the social municipality who have responsibility for a municipal social responsibility projects and give more importance we recognize the need . our government and our state welfare state policies in line with the local government of the burden over and responsibilities of the reason farkındayız.b very significant and very valuable for us tonight . Carried out with the support of a Social Support at our fingertips Future Project was signed to a successful operation . The Ministry of Development has financed this project who contributed , especially my colleagues to thank everyone I Project , physically and mentally disabled with Down syndrome for our children important contributions sağladı.engell of our brothers and sisters for piano and folk dance courses outside the primary school students for mental mathematics and for young people our English courses in coordination verildi.valiliği and White Society in partnership with the Municipality of Erzincan prepared and carried out by all the stakeholders of the project is admirable job başardılar.15 month , our 106 students received training within the project . Your Future at Your Fingertips the second leg of the project . In the first leg of computer training was given to 840 students . These projects participating in the field of education all our children and young people congratulate those who contributed again thank you. \"He said.
Erzincan Governor Kahraman , the\"just watch our promotional film needed opportunities when presented our youth impossible even can achieve us gösterdiler.ayrı a little later will follow demonstrations mentally and physically disabled people of our saga had written together see later that their only'm proud and disabled citizens obstacles in the future is completely up hope that ediyorum.ayrı handicapped citizens obstacles to remove lent their support President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu and government members , thank you. \"he said .
after the speeches, the project area of ​​education by students, their fields of study are shown in yapıldı.piyano show, folk dances , mental mathematics and music choir in the areas of demonstrating to students the program at the end of Erzincan Governor Kahraman and Deputy Mayor Sukru H. Erzincan plaques and certificates were given by Beyitoğl .


\"Your Future at Your Fingertips \"has reached the end of the project" comments for.


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