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  • 04 Eylül 2013, Çarşamba 13:57

Your pulse will be your password

Your pulse will be your password
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Scientists can use the identities developed a special wristband.

Traditional passwords are worthless soon

technologies, a new generation methods that offer 100 percent security. Scientists thought to date to maintain accounts in the digital world brain waves , and initiatives such as digital fingerprint , then, 'New heart rate ' method developed.

called Nymi wristband, electrocardiogram (ECG) is followed by the heartbeats using receivers and iPads, car computers can reflect up to several devices.

Bionym located in the city of Toronto, Canada, has developed technology, fingerprint or technologies that face is based on biometrics, compared to the more difficult.

to determine the identity of the person, the users are on for about two minutes to a receiver located on Nymi. Meanwhile, the bracelet ECG signal is recorded. After recording the signal, only the signal recorded, so you know the signature.

detects hand movements

Nymi wristbands ni extremely easy to use with other electronic devices. Sticky Thread bileklikteki key-strokes and wrist in a few seconds your heart rate redefine it. Then, via Bluetooth is establishing contact with the device that contains the application is compatible with cuff. Out of Sticky Thread Bracelet , the connection is automatically established devices crashes.

Bracelet, hand movements can respond well. For example, when you shake your hand or bend your wrist, you can open your car door. Even if the bank processes the check can give a certain wrist movements, vibration feature to notify you of an e-mail or messages, you will see these messages on the LED display.

Pre-orders begin today, the price Nymi bracelet starts at $ 79. Bracelet, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems compatible with devices that use.

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