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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:36

Youth and Sports Ministry of Samsun from Giant Investments

Youth and Sports Ministry of Samsun from Giant Investments
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Ministry of Youth and Sports from around Turkey continued investment that has a special place next to Samsun .

Samsun news: With Photo Construction ongoing facility , Samsun, the passage in the life of the investment in the project stage , youth and sports that Turkey's brand of gospel would be one of the city Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatai Sword, \"Samsunlu my countrymen , Samsun future let them be sure to be much of the city's major works , \"he said . scope of investment programs Photo ministry in the first place 17 million 550 thousand pounds of investment in the city is implemented , Bafra, Ladik , Yakakent , Vezirköprü , Spruce , Terme, Ayvacık, Yakakent , Canik , Kadıköy and went into operation in Atakum very important project . Photo made ​​in the gym as well as Vezirköprü Bafra , modern youth centers was implemented in Spruce and Terme . Ayvacık, Yakakent , Canik'te and synthetic pitches in Kadikoy , Ladik, Yakakent and Vezirköprü in the locker rooms and the construction of the stadium , while the Atakum prefabricated gym was opened to the use of sport. Photo Samsun'< strong> Youth SPORTS AND FUTURE bUILDING BEING Photo Ministry , the size of existing investments it has undertaken the construction of 211 million 900 thousand TL. This investment cost of 145 million TL Samsun Stadium, with the largest share . 33 thousand UEFA standards with the audience capacity of the stadium will be a giant complex , is scheduled for uses other than football matches .
City center and between ongoing projects in almost all districts , Olympic size swimming pool from the youth center, to camp training center from the athletes factory has many investment . Photo from these projects , Atakum Olympic Swimming Pool, Bafra Stadium , Wednesday Sports is complete with lounge that will change the face of the region's Ladik Ski Training Center .
this investment , Bafra semi-Olympic swimming pool May 19, Nebiyan Scouting and camp Training Center , Atakum Youth Center, Asarcık Gym , Spruce tribune , Atakum Athlete Factory watching . Photo 68 MILLION £'< strong> YE NEAR THE BUDGET NEW INVESTMENT COMING < br/> Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer ongoing investments in coordinating the Chagatai Sword, new projects soon to follow . Implementation cost of the 20 projects planned in the new era of 67 million 980 thousand TL. These projects include Samsun Skating Hall, should have to be conditions , both draws attention as the investment cost .
Also in the city , Ilkadim Athletics Track and reinforced concrete Tribune , Vezirköprü/Beaver Camp Training Center , Ilkadim , dear , Basin, Tekkeköy , Ladik , Poplar, will enter service in the future for youth centers Ayvacık . These investments Poplar, Yakakent , Salıpazarı, Ayvacık gyms, Ladik Additional Training Hall , Vezirköprü Indoor Tennis Court , Evci, Easy , will follow Arım Karacali synthetic pitches. Youth and Sports Ministry , it also devotes a serious source as well as the investment of existing sports facilities in Samsun and districts for maintenance and repair work .
\" TORCH CITY Samsun FUTURE WILL BE THE CITY OF VERY LARGE WORKS \"< br/> Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatai Sword, \"Torch City \"noting that identifies that there is a revolution compared to the prior period investments in youth and sports fields in Samsun , the Ministry not only in these two areas , education and the steps point to be taken in similar areas said that they were also involved. Minister Chagatai Sword, continued as follows:Photo \"All the work we continue in our unity and solidarity. This is very important . Before us in the AK Party government also would like to thank once again everyone stepped to the development of Samsun. This investment for us make up is also very important to reach the highest level of use of these facilities. only open during the event, then the door lock shot sports centers we have experienced in the past years that bring something to us. now, only a gym, do not do the stadium or swimming pool. Each are living , people are constantly constructed living areas can benefit many different things. \"Photo \" REQUIREMENTS in yOUTH CENTER gratifying \"Photo Ministers Chagatai Sword, sports investment , as well as youth-oriented investments and projects in underlining that they have implemented , \"we reached a total of 740 thousand members in our youth center. this is a very important figure. here we have implemented courses , courses, events taking place at a very large attendance. Demand is so much more gratifying . Our country , we continue to build new youth centers throughout the country. We have taken very important steps in Samsun scale , we are taking , we will continue to take . Samsun , since 2002, has done a great work in almost every area . Samsunlu my countrymen , Samsun, make sure they will be in the future a great job , \"he said.


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