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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:26

Youth Assembly Election Excitement

Youth Assembly Election Excitement
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Denizli Municipality City Council Youth Council , made the 15th Ordinary General Assembly of the Optional .

Denizli news: Photo Denizli Municipality City Council Youth Council , was held at the 15th Ordinary General Assembly of Selective Çatalçeşme Room Theatre. General Assembly , Istanbul Deputy Governor Ekrem Buyukataman , Denizli Municipality Assembly Vice President and City Council President Ali miller , the Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Hüdaverdi President of Social Affairs Otakl , the City Council Youth Council members and invitees . Youth Assembly President Ayşe Nur Ozturk , said they won the admiration of many civil society and public institutions as the House of Denizli Youth , \"We are one of the leading youth councils in Turkey. We had a chock-full a year in such a Youth Council . Very valuable in this we take our work to the signature attık.meclisi a step further . we believe that these steps in the future will continue to grow more and more. Thank you always supporting us in our Metropolitan Municipality , \"he said . City Council President Ali miller is, that work so far on the Youth Council president , executive board members thanked and other working groups. Photo Denizli from 1 April stated that the metropolitan miller , \"Youth Assembly of us in our district to realize it also found in these activities. However, I'm showing a new destination to our new friends will be selected. Denizli 217 thousand 772 units are young . Our friends in the 15-30 age scale are addressed to the Youth Council . now we irrespective of gender and opinions ; the county , in the neighborhood , he lived in the city center we must choose irrespective of 217 thousand 772 as target our brother . in education, in employment , we need to keep them light injuries from European opportunity . we want them to be selected to be our friends ready for both to be ready for it as the consensus physical sense, the 19 districts we also including promotional and informational activities including training activities , \"he said . < br/> President of the City Council after the speeches Ali miller , tasks that disable Youth Assembly President gave a plaque Ayşe Nur Öztürk. Chairman of the Court in plenary session passed the voting process carried out by the miller . In the election, Zeynep Karakoc and raced Hasan Çimer lists . A list of 81 rated Karakoc won by throwing Çimer 22 votes difference. Accordingly, the Executive Board Zeynep Karakoc when selecting , management consisted of the following names:\"Hope Can Fire, Pamela Falcon, Rasul Yeşildem is , Budi Chandra, Merve Tekinka , Ms. Apr , Love Nur Mığrık , Serdar bullets , Esra Zeynep Sensoy , Mehmet Pekdemir , Ryan is Tan , John Early , Eda Başoğlu, Zeynep Yalcin . \"


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