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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:03

Yozgat Municipality Citizens Services Progress Min MI Gives Loss ?

Yozgat Municipality Citizens Services Progress Min MI Gives Loss ?
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Yozgat Municipality roads collapse , the head of the corner metal pontoons situated, vehicles can not turn suffers .

Yozgat news: Photo Yozgat Municipality made ​​to avoid parking and became unconscious ordeal for roads that divide the drive to ensure the flow of traffic . In particular, restricting the room for maneuver at intersections van , preventing the return of busses and vans . Student services that must be in traffic in the forced return shipping tools, the metal pontoons are placed in the junction leads to major damage on vehicles . Student a service point that makes Kemal non-slip is the driver ,'municipalities arecitizens services or is a harm to the trades ? \"As it reacts , \"Intersections both narrowed placed on iron pontoon. We're shooting ordeal When you are unconsciously parks One of the early corners. Especially Captain Bahattin Multivalued from the street , the sun can not we return to the street, we in when we did return necessarily means seeing great loss. Our present who meet our losses . those places while just thought cars. minibuses , buses, vans are not considered at all. We have come to compulsorily traffic , \"he said . Photo Path of the collapsible and division traffic commission of these decisions is not clear how taken and decisions affecting driver trades of non-slip , emphasizing never intended , \"what is our here fault? every day, suffers a car here. one of our friends last month was rubber half because it can not return here and was at least 500 pounds loss . Technical calculates paths without shrinking . To avoid damage to the vehicle the removal of these iron pontoon and roads while good calculation made ​​vehicles to maneuver opportunity should be provided , \"he said . Photo Ihsan Parker named driver on the technical accounts stating that they can not return the way rough scheme collapsed without ,\"When you return to the Captain Bahattin Çokdağerl street maneuvers opportunity slashed the tires of the bus and that was our refuge is not 500 pounds damages . Who will pay for this damage. Says municipalities are producing solutions to avoid incorrect parking , but we give great harm . Were surprised at what we do , \"he said . The Photo Yozgat Mayor Armstrong Kazim, ensure the traffic flow of the arrangements made in the of sidewalks, stating that a comfortable way to ensure the walk , \"Many drivers we are parking the vehicle on the sidewalk. Traffic accidents happening in the sidewalk. A child was hit by a car recently where the placement of the metal pontoons. We want to ease traffic in the municipality. Unconscious drives a gap at the corner finds the going parked the car , so other drivers suffering. If necessary we can remove the insert plastic instead of metal pontoon there , \"he said .


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