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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 08:46

Yozgat traffic accident:10 injured

Yozgat traffic accident:10 injured
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District of Yozgat Saraykent 10 people were injured in a traffic accident that occurred near the town of Ozan.

in Yozgat, Sivas, looking towards the direction of the Turkes Kocaay 66 AE 955 P more relevant Sivas, Istanbul by car, which goes towards the direction of the double Ages 34 JH 0291 plate car, due to road construction work near the town of Ozan Saraykent county road collided with one şeriten falling. Sedat both car with the driver in the accident Kosar (29), Oguzhan Ünal (29), Emirhan Kocaay (5), Rukiye Kocaay (32), mervenur Kocaay (8), eLife Kocaay (11), and 6-month Belinay Kocaay named Emine Kocaay Baby injured

wounded, removed from the scene were being treated in hospitals, health care teams, sorghum, and Yozgat. Yozgat'ta traffic kazası:10 yaralı Yozgat traffic accident:10 injured

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