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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Ekim 2014, Salı 12:56

Yunus Emre Institute Great Artists Support from the 15 year old Kosovo

Yunus Emre Institute Great Artists Support from the 15 year old Kosovo
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Launched for the first time by the Yunus Emre Institute \"Young Artisans Project\"in the context of Kosovo's talented young artist's first solo exhibition Renee Begolli to great acclaim .

Priştine news:
Participants complete notes by art critic and a 15 year old talented artists in the exhibition showcased the work of 25 . Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre in Pristina, the opening of the exhibition , with Turkey's Ambassador to Pristina Songul Ozan was performed by guest artists . Pre-Opening Delivering a speech in Pristina Yunus Emre Turkish Culture Center (authorization ) Director Bülent Üçpinar , produced in Turkey arts and culture activities move here as well as the Authority in Kosovo produced in Kosovo, the art and culture, they could also try to contribute , he said. Üçpinar , \"Dear Reneau this exhibition by Kosovo's young artists , musicians and other artists to raise and will try to introduce \"he said .
A very nice environment to be together share the happiness , indicating that Turkey's Ambassador to Pristina Songul Ozan , in his speech at the opening , \"we're dealing with young and a great talent . such a capability developed Begolli family would like to thank you first ,\"he said . In Kosovo, a young country , in fact dozens of years of art tradition , painting tradition preserves a valuable our teachers , art history scholars, expressed thanks Ambassador Ozan, young artists Reneau's generation , a more mature generation of this heritage in a nice way inherit said. Ambassador Poets , \"Yunus Emre Cultural Center , our elderly, youth, all the talent by bringing together a very nice cultural services is giving \"he said .
Kosovo Academy of Fine Arts lecturer Hivz the Muharemi his speech , the picture high ability of the young artist's colors subtly and drawings that take advantage of the success has come to the fore , he said . Despite his youth , artist Renee Begolli the akverel , starting with the emotional dreams table processing was successful in recording the history of art teacher Hivz the Muharemi , the young artist's colors knew very well , he said.
Exhibition organized in who have contributed Kosovo's distinguished painter, Daut Homal also in a statement , Renee Begolli an artist's future is promising , despite being 15 years old, it was emphasized that the exhibition will be capable of . Thank you to everyone who contributed to the organization of the exhibition of young artists expressing Begolli Renee , drawn portrait oil painting Yunus Emre Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre in Pristina (authorization ) to Üçpınar Manager Bülent was a gift. Then the exhibition's opening ceremony audience, exposing the tables individually examined.
First solo exhibition opening due to the extremely happy stating that Renee Begolli , Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre is grateful , he said . \"Young Though the exhibition I did not reject . Young to be the exhibition for the opening did not stop . I have been very supportive . All I appreciate that\"speaking Renee Begolli , \"exhibition opening participating teacher from receiving praise for me is a great honor ,\"he said . Painting exhibition will remain open until October 31 .

Yunus Emre Institute Great Artists Support from the 15 year old Kosovo" comments for.


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