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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 11:27

Yunus Emre Oratoryosu'na, Astanalılardan great applause

Yunus Emre Oratoryosu'na, Astanalılardan great applause
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Yunus Emre Oratorio staged for the first time in Kazakhstan, Astanalılardan received great applause.

founding of the Republic of Turkey 90 In the framework of the celebrations, the first Republic of Turkey Ahmet Adnan Saygun and oratorio composed by Yunus Emre Oratorio Astanalılarla met with. Ortoryo, Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center in Astana, Astana, Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, the International Organization of Turkish Culture (TURKSOY) and the Governor's Office in cooperation with the Kongress Hall staged in Astana. State Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Governor Ibrahim Yazici solister Astana Ayhan outstanding, Sebnem perception, voiced by Nurdan Küçükekmekçi and Tuncay Kurtoğlu works received great applause in the hall.

Omar Burhan Legal Turkey's Ambassador to Kazakhstan, mainly TÜRKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kaseinov thanks to those who organized this event to be offered.

the world's major cities before Yunus Emre Oratorio, New York, Paris, Budapest, Vienna, Bremen, Berlin, Moscow, and performed at the Vatican reminds Kaseinov TURKSOY Secretary General, said today that they are witnessing a new date of Astana .

working on this project for about six months and the largest seventy people of Astana, Kazakhstan symphony orchestra and choir of forty sahnelediklerini important works of one of the halls of Yunus Emre Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center Director Ibrahim Yildirim said the Astana , between Turkey and Kazakhstan have formed an important basis and who have contributed to this project thanked the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Astana.

at the end of the concert

Kaseinov TURKSOY Secretary General, Ambassador Tüzel'e and Astana Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center for their support to the Director Ibrahim Yildirim TÜRKSOY 20.Y program Bulk Medal was presented.


Ahmet The first oratorio composed by Adnan Saygun and the Republic of Turkey"Yunus Emre Oratorio"was completed in 1942. This work, then in Paris in 1947, and in 1958 played in New York, the management of the famous conductor Leopold Stokowski. Work in New York on 23 April 2012, 25 April 2012 in Washington, DC, TÜRKSOY Symphony Orchestra and Jonathan Griffith Singers with 100 people for the first time after 55 years with the United States only through art lovers.

Yunus Emre Oratoryosu'na, Astanalılardan great applause" comments for.


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