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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:30

Yunus Emre , the Turkish language came to life in

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Keçiören the \"Dolphin Languages ​​with readers named\"divine concert, the pioneer of Turkish folk poet Yunus Emre showed that all come to life in the Turkish language .

Ankara news:
Neşet Ertaş Art and Performing Arts Center in a concert Kecioren Mayor Mustafa Ak and his wife Hatice AK , AK Party Keçiören Chairman Zafer already and Kecioren TOGEM President Ayten Aydın, as well as many Keçiörenl citizens joined . Prime Ministry Promotion Fund , Beyoğlu Municipality, Local History and Culture Association , held with the support of the University and Veterans General Artistic Director Prof. John took the Qajar Gülçin .
Gazi University Conservatory choir composed of faculty members , Yunus Emre Turkish hymns , Kazakh , Azeri , Turkmen, Uzbek and Kyrgyz languages ​​sang. Concert in the hymns as the ney , oud and kanun, the division also follows the spirit of the rest was .
Events at the end of a speech President Mustafa Ak, \"Yunus Emre this region has ever produced, to our mind addressing a large oz our . Divine have different languages ​​spoken , but in our hearts the same effect made ​​\"he said. Concert in support of the organizations and institutions Says Thank You Gülçin Yahya Missed the \"Yunus Emre hymns hearts our eyes and to utter tried . This is our project all Turks in the world our brothers wish to convey . Us Allocation of space by opening its doors Mayor Mustafa Ak for his contributions to thank you ,\"he said .
Kaçar a plaque to commemorate the night that President Creative , a heavenly choir of more voice asked . President Creative taken in conjunction with the night's performers ended with a souvenir photo .

Yunus Emre , the Turkish language came to life in" comments for.


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