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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:04

Yunusemre Municipality Project Team Certificate

Yunusemre Municipality Project Team Certificate
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Argos victory with the support of Domestic and Foreign Trade Development Agency Training and Consulting Services by writing and executing the project to successful completion of their education certificates were given to staff Yunusemre Municipality .

Manisa news: Photo Yunusemre ceremony Mayor held at the Municipality Mehmet Çerçi , the Deputy Mayor Ramis Siamese , Sword Rock , Strategy Development Manager Orhan Beautiful, Argos Domestic and Foreign Trade Training and Consulting Services joined officials trainers Sip Cure and personnel . Certificates are entitled to 10 staff certifications Mayor Dr. Deputy Mayor Mehmet Çerçi and Siamese was given by Ramis and Sword Rock . Services to all segments of the education given to express in community projects produced by the team of 10 staff in different departments covered are intended to be implemented. Domestic and Foreign Trade Training and Consulting Services in Argos before the ceremony attendant instructor Sip Cure, President Çerçiler staff gave information about educational seminars . President Mehmet Çerçi in his speech , \"Victory Development Agency financed the Yunusemre Municipality project , we have concluded the work training of service units. President helped and Strategy Development Directorate important work. We attach great importance to this project. We have not previously decided to start a project team . Technical our this friend literally follow the project, written Amasa and will deal with do. international system will follow . also in our Development Department also have established a project team. Technically , drawing the project , who will be a team. future a team together who knows the project logic. we aim to make significant services to the projects they produce . Society at the point of solving the problems of different sections , I expect a lot from this project team. I hope has been useful work . our municipality Victory Development Agency , thank you for offering kaktı this work , \"he said .


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