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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:37

Zhou E-Portfolio System 3. Meeting of the Project was held in Portugal

Zhou E-Portfolio System 3. Meeting of the Project was held in Portugal
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Cukurova University (CU) conducted under the coordination and the European Union Ministry for EU Education and Youth Programmes supported by the Center Presidency \"Candidate Source e-Portfolio System for Employment of Vocational Graduates \"3rd International Project meeting in Portugal was also performed.

Adana news: Photo higher education is ongoing and graduate students meeting the ownership aploadev partner Portugal's projects aimed at employment , Cukurova University in Turkey , Poland from Aviva Poland , from APLOAD from Spain and Portugal was held with the participation of Sea-Teacher representatives . Photo project 3.toplantı Cukurova University, Adana Vocational School Instructor Cetin Province and the host institution APLOAD Director began with Jose Bronze in the opening speech . Photo project Web page addresses and e-Portfolio Platform of the project and the partner countries'languages describing how to create in English Cetin Province, for just employment of project results ( show-case ) or not will also be organized as learningportfolio , personal, would be directed to social and methodological skills and \"e-portfolio \"at European level both national project and individual-centered learning said it would be to develop a learning approach . Photo Project Coordinator Bob in the province, EU Education and Youth Programs Center-Transfer of Innovation Project supported by the Turkish National Agency \"e-portfolio \"of the platform will be prepared as a result of higher education continues and graduates that they intended to reach students said the project also vocational training instructors located in the roof , trainers, administrators, program planners, company executives and consultants , training consultants and practitioners that provide orientation inside the application , the company , workplace youth governing check and stressed that all other staff are also covered .
May 2014 until the date of the meeting in Spain today realized projects , developments and other projects continued conversations with the representatives of the partner countries. Web page design and started the project ( e-portfolioproject.e ), the site where the release of the e-portfolio work ( ) revising the existing e-portfolio systems in partner countries , the presentation of the generated country reports , implementation of surveys of presentation needs with the data obtained from the analysis meeting where the project was completed with the draft platform of studies and discussions. Photo bulunularak the next international meeting on the draft platform to exchange information by project partner Mart2015'T Szamalk was decided to be held in Budapest, Hungary.


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