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  • 25 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 09:49

Zog's Dentist:"Implants are Investments for old age"

Zog's Dentist:
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Single Zog desire of Turkey's famous dentist, implant, spoke about the important.

İstanbul news: Single Zog desire of Turkey's famous dentist, implant, spoke about the important.
lifetime of the implant to be used Zog's pointed out that a treatment, the implant should be resorted to registering said the experienced physician. The materials used a lifetime remain in the mouth, indicating that Zog's,"Implant age with is an investment, so by an experienced physician using high quality material should be done,"he said.
"IMPLANT ANY edentulism SOLUTION is"
Implant implemented into the jawbone as artificial roots that define the desired Single Zog's, is composed of titanium and titanium implant on the tooth made of porcelain, he said. Implant all kinds of edentulism be a solution, indicating that Zog's,"People number of teeth and mouth structure according to what type of implant treated'd would determine. Example, a single missing tooth in the solution is clear, from side to side bridge will do the implant and on the single tooth we do. Multiple edentulousness years also, if the rear side of the tooth 2-3 3-4 to make the bridge or dental implants are applied in the form of,"he said.
"Anyone over the age of 18 IMPLANT DONE"
treatment of all types of oral disease After stating that the implant can be applied only Zog's desire, the only requirement for the implant, the person must have completed the development of the jaw bone, he said. This situation up to 18 years completed an expression that Zog's,"18 age limit sometimes changed is 20. Jaw development completion or failure of hand-wrist radiographs checks we are able to detect. This development was completed to everyone implant may"he said.
Zog's also a reliable physician when making implants and drew attention to the importance of using quality materials. Implant a lifetime type of treatment Pointing out that the Zog's, said :"P iyasa since time immemorial survived implant produces the number of brands fingers of one hand does not. I use implants domestic and abroad are frequently used and obviously with a history of implants. because the implant whether, on the prosthesis when you insert the event does not end. important thing five years later when problems arise, as a physician I will be here, but implant producing companies also remains in place and, services may give required. This is why patients implanted before enrolling physicians from and which they use implant system must be sure."
required for implant applications in the lower jaw and upper jaw bone in the patient or the method of creating new bone in patients with implanted and can have fixed teeth. In the upper jaw bone with sinus lifting procedure can be won. So systemic problems exist all edentulous patients to implant can become.
Dentist Zog's also the best method of treatment of preventive medicine that people implanted before having their teeth look very good need-and certainly the dentist regularly should go to stressed.

Zog's Dentist:"Implants are Investments for old age"" comments for.


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